Beauty works offer holistic and aesthetic clinics every month if not more frequently.
We have Jennie who is amazing at what she offers in the aesthetic world offering muscle relaxing injections, dermal filler, rhinoplasty, hyperhidrosis, aqualyx  and prohilo facial treatment. We think our aesthetic nurse is the best in the business, her personality is amazing, Jennie is welcoming, knowledgeable in what she does and comforting when having treatment and we know how important it is to feel at ease with some one having these treatments done.

That’s why we brought Jennie into our business. Please contact us at beauty works to book a slot with Jennie on her next clinic date, clinic dates are emailed out via our email system.

Aesthetic nurse


Hi, I’m Jennie I am the aesthetic nurse here at Beauty works, you will find me running a clinic here every 4 weeks, I offer a wide selection of aesthetic treatments muscle relaxing injections and dermal filler to name a few. I’m Harley street trained and I am also a nurse prescriber with over. One years experience within the aesthetic industry.
I have a huge passion for my job and I love to bring back people confidence with the treatments I offer.


New to Beauty works we have Chelsea, Chelsea is a holistic trained therapist and reiki master. So for those that do not understand the holistic meaning, let us explain it is about caring for a whole person providing for your physical, mental, spiritual and social needs. Holistic focuses completely on your whole bodies wellness and taking you on a spiritual journey.  Chelsea offers reflexology, Indian head massage, Hopi ear candles and her most popular reiki sessions. Chelsea loves to helps people, she has a real understanding mindset and is a massive inspiration for guidance, practice and self love

To book any of these following treatments please contact us to book in on Chelsea’s holistic clinic.

Holistic therapist


Hi I’m Chelsea, I’m the holistic therapist and reiki master here at Beauty works, I offer treatments such as reflexology, Hopi ear candles, Indian head and reiki. These treatments I am hugely passionate about as I feel in this crazy hussle and bustle world your mental health and well being can get lost and muddled up, this is why I love my job to help people see the bigger picture, help people on a journey and support with any daily or long term battles. I would be lying if I haven’t experienced helping peoples pains and uncomfortable niggles over time, however I am no doctor or expert this is talking from experiences I have had. I know this isn’t for everyone and some people think it’s a little woo woo, but that’s fine we weren’t all set to be put on this planet the same right, but I would love to help you to relax and take a step back if that’s the case, I look forward to treating you soon.